Fred The Godson – Too Fat Lyrics

Uhh? Biggie
The greatest ever, peace out to Brooklyn
But I'm big Bronx, I'm coming for the cooking
Every bitch looking, I'm fresh out of the booking
Niggas like "take it where it need to be tooken"
This is my warning, I will claim victory
Chewing on some Juicy Fruit, you can't do shit
Flow unbelievable, kick in the door with it
Bitch get hypnotized when I come raw with it
Sky is the limit, they love me cause I'm nice
Mama tucked me in, gave me long kiss goodnight
They praying on my downfall, can't see me
Please throw down some ice for the nicest MC
Fred! [Intro:]
Fat Boys, fat boys
[Hook: Biggie Smalls X8]
Yeah I'm a bad boy
Nigga I'm too fat
[Verse 1: Fred the Godson]
5'9", two-fifty, gut like I'm 6 months
Five nines, 250 worth of bricks pump
I deliver what the strip wants
It's only my job, took the trip once
They told me chop like this
Old head told me play the block like this
Coke head said he want his rock like this
Know yall wish yall had it locked like this
What'up Fred? You may just wait"
She's said "you're falling off nigga
You're losing weight"
Asked what I want her to cook and I just ate
Still T-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch's grape
Fred! Biggie
B-I-G-G-I-E aka G-O-D, get it? [Hook]
[Verse 3: Fred the Godson]
B-I-G-G-I-E aka G-O-D, get it? You want these legs? This is all baby fat, come on Kimora
She love my aura
Love it when I call her
Want me to press recorder her
Everytime I'm on her
Doug E. [Hook] Fresh on her
O-o-on her, o-o-on her, o-o-on her
Uh, I mean I'm hotter than a sauna
Fred from that back block, met her on the corner
However I stay Gucci down to the socks
Spots in blocks filled with rocks
She said "Stop! Just my bank account and my blood pressure
I see him, I'm a wreck him
Stomped him with my gum, so he must be an extra
I'll show 'em how to stunt
Fred A-Rod, I ain't going for the bunt
Shots fly, peroxide, I'm laying in the cut
I'm a thousands pounds of uncut to the gut
[Verse 2: Fred the Godson]
Come on mama
My real mama in Florida
My ex mama, I dead her cause I was bored of her
I need more of you
What you don't like big boys?