Ghost Mice – Tick Tock Lyrics

Is your head down in the sand, too afraid to bring it up? Cthulhu’s sleeping and is dreaming of revenge
And when he wakes up our world will end
And a new one, a darker one will begin
The sky is crying it’s raining blood
And the rivers will rise the rivers will flood
And everything we love will be washed away
The mounds of trash they’re piling up
They’re growing higher towards the sun
When they’ll reach it they’ll catch fire and we will burn
The ocean is filled with terrible things
And a montster will rise from it’s depths one day
And will take us in it’s arms under the waves
What are you gonna do to stop it? What are you gonna do before you die? Are you hoping for a hero, are you wishing for some luck? Or are you just throwing [?] into the fire
Are you gouging out your eyes so you can’t see
Are you locked inside your room always staring at a screen
Are you telling yourself it can’t be as bad as it seems
No it’s not, it’s so much worse
And the only question is what’s gonna get us first
You can hope and you can pray
That these things might go away
But they will catch up with us one day
Yes they will catch up with us one day