Ginny Weds Sunny will make you feel light and happy: Yami Gautam

The idea of perfect marriage would be to celebrate it just with my loved ones with no formality to please any guest. So nuanced. Even if it is not a love marriage, I think your own choice is very important. You have to internalise and become the character. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. I did have some idea about the character. I kept two-three things in mind while executing the part. And then most of the time I am travelling. So, today’s parents also understand and respect that. That’s it. It’s a family entertainer. But through the film, you’d see a shift in him. Written by A. He was so nice and supportive like everyone on the sets. Lockdown has been a roller coaster ride just like everybody else. He loves food. This is your first direct-to-OTT release. Ginny Weds Sunny will premiere on Netflix on October 9. My sister has already told me if any case this happens, she will be found behind the wedding tent having a party of her own. I think I am blessed to be with my family and finally be able to travel back to Chandigarh after finishing my work on Ginny Weds Sunny. I would love to know a person. We bonded to an extent that after a point, performing a serious scene had become difficult for us because I could not stop laughing. Lastly, what will you want the audience to take from the film? In my head, she was a mix of some girls I have observed in real or saw in videos on social media. Is Sunny similar to the man of your dreams? Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Do you believe in love marriage or arranged marriage? Even if he has a small part, he leaves an impact. But slowly, I saw this side of him that loves faffing and having fun. It was a fun experience of working with him. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall for a typical lingo or be too loud because she is a Punjabi. He is dramatic. And no choreographed sangeet at my wedding for sure! I would like to dabble with both the mediums and the content it will offer. In an exclusive conversation with, the actor opened up on what makes Ginny Weds Sunny different, what she feels about an OTT release and so much more. When Vicky Donor released, my mom, sister and brother were together, but my father was away. This release is special because my family will be watching the film together. The film, which also stars Vikrant Massey, sees Yami in a true-blue Bollywood avatar. He’s all heart and so supportive. (Photo: Netflix)Yami Gautam is all set to make her digital debut with Ginny Weds Sunny, which premieres on Netflix this Friday. The timing couldn’t have been better for this film. I was talking to one of my uncles the other day. Many people have found their match or are getting married or having babies during the lockdown. He’s so cheesy! What would be a perfect marriage for you? The film intends to spread joy. That little restraint is something you should know, especially when the character is dramatic. During night shoots, we all would sit together, and Vikrant would come up with ghost stories with some Kesar kaka and his gamcha. I have one more project set for an OTT release. What’s been happening in your life during this time?×1.png
I am promoting shaadi (marriage) but only in work. If you meet him in real life, what will be your reaction? I came on the sets in extremely bad shape. Like Pari (from Bala) was dramatic but Amar was clear about the fact that we don’t cross a line because we have to keep it real. Ginny is from West Delhi. The character grows. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd I don’t think so. How is the feeling? Love marriage. In my first film, I played Ashima from CR Park, Delhi. So, I was weak and all over the place. Ginny Weds Sunny is a film that’ll make you feel light and happy. I’m very happy because it’s come as a huge saviour for the entertainment industry and even the audience in these tough times. So, I thought he’s nice and ‘kaam se kaam rakhne wala banda’, but on the sets, we bonded instantly over food. So, maybe the Sunny from the second half. Kameshwari
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Ginny Weds Sunny will stream on Netflix. Ginny is a fun girl full of spunk, a very out and out Punjabi. You are sharing screen space with Vikrant. He said I am looking for somebody for my son, but I am more than happy if he can introduce me to a girl because it’s always nicer to know the kid’s choice. Enjoy the way it used to happen once upon a time with everyone involved in rituals but not getting into the “taam jhaam” of making it a grand affair. While the debut happened because of the pandemic, this is not going to be an end of it. I won’t have a DJ too at my wedding. So, as ironic as it may sound, I’m thankful for this time. When you watch him (on-screen), you know what kind of effort he must have put in his characters. What is the best part about an OTT release during the pandemic? What was your impression of him before working with him and how did it change while working on the film? From where did you draw inspiration for the character? After signing the film, we spoke about the characters over a call. He helps you explore your best. Like everybody else, I’ll also say that he is a fine performer. I joined Ginny Weds Sunny right after I got out of typhoid. He’s one of my favourite co-actors. I was excited. Having said it all, he’s an incredible guy.