Indira Tiwari: I’ve earned relationships from Serious Men

You liking someone as a fan is a separate thing, but if you aren’t able to balance his aura and energy and do good work, there’s no point. We kept discussing and improvising every scene after that. It only encourages me to work even harder. You once posted a picture from NSD featuring yourself and Nawazuddin, and wrote that your dream is to work with him. His writing was so strong and layered. So in our first meeting, he asked about my background and what I understood about the character. First, it was a group photo where I cropped myself with him and hung it in my room, with the aim of working with him one day. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
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This was my first major work after NSD. So in case I was interested, I should give it a shot. When you are producing art, you do fear how it’ll be received by the audience. Read | Serious Men film review: A bitingly sharp, satirical look at Aspirational India | Why do you want to be with those who are nepotistic by nature and don’t believe in stories: Sudhir Mishra
The film is a witty yet powerful satire, touching upon so many things. I had read the book. I happen to meet a friend from Delhi, who works as a line producer here. I auditioned for it the next day. But when I got the screenplay by Bhavesh Mandalia, it was so intricately written. How was the experience? As an artiste, do such things become risky to portray? I had come to Mumbai to audition for a TV show, which I was not interested to do. Sudhir sir just knew I belonged to NSD. (Photo: PR Handout)
What was the audition scene? An NSD passout, Indira has grabbed attention with her turn as Ayyan Mani‘s wife Oja in Netflix film Serious Men. People are also asking me questions related to the film and my process. The first three days after the release was unbelievable. I never felt nervous in front of him because he made sure I was comfortable. Serious Men was my third film. My audition scene was where I burst out in anger after getting to know the truth about my husband. Big screen or web isn’t the concern. He gave me the number of a casting director and said, if you’ve come to Mumbai, at least meet him. Soon after, I received another call from Mukesh Chhabra’s company. Later, it felt like the universe conspired to get me a chance to work with him. I used to do freelance theatre in Bhopal. They said they have a role in a film. “I’ve earned relationships from this film – be it with the audience, Sudhir sir or Nawaz. He told me to research for it. You think it would’ve been a different feeling if Serious Men had a big screen release? I like interacting with the audience directly. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
Everyone is searching for the actress who played Oja in Serious Men. Those who took my audition – Deeksha and Devendra were very patient with me. But Sudhir sir instead directly put me in my first scene with Nawaz. I think they were looking for an actor for a really long time and I was destined to get the part. Finally, it happened. The film is an adaptation. People from the industry who I look up to are sending me lovely feedback. Also the way Sudhir sir was executing the scenes, I did not feel any need to add my inputs. How did you come onboard? Written by Mimansa Shekhar
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Indira Tiwari is an NSD passout. I got my first film called Nazarband (2019) with Suman Mukhopadhyay, that got selected for 2020 Busan Film Festival. But the way Sudhir sir treated the film in a light manner, putting in everything he’s observed in life, there was no possibility of anything going wrong. He made me realise that I’ve come here as a professional, which helped in boosting my confidence. Generally, directors ask the newcomers to first get relaxed around big actors. I got selected for NSD in 2015. All we had to do was absorb it and perform. So, I went around the city to observe people. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd If both Sudhir sir and Nawaz had kept considering me a newcomer, that fear would’ve always remained whether I’m performing well or not. On the web, more people will keep watching it with good word of mouth publicity. Indira Tiwari along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nassar in a still from Serious Men. In the midst of that, I worked as a child artiste in Aarakshan. (Photos: Indira Tiwari/Facebook)Actor Indira Tiwari says the first time she got the script of Serious Men, she kept reading it the entire night out of excitement. Does it become easy or difficult when your part is already sketched within a framework? Point is how many people watch the film. My first scene was where we go for the Wonderkid event. The second time he came to NSD, I told everyone to let me have a solo pic. (Laughs) I met Nawaz in NSD twice. So I was very excited about its reception. Actors dream of working with Sudhir Mishra, and it happened so early in your career. Later, Sudhir sir said we should stick to the way I looked in the audition – all scattered. The casting guys just told me she is Nawaz’s wife Oja. That made my performance sensible and believable,” Indira said in an exclusive chat with It was written in the script that I go and slap my husband several times. Tell me more. I did not know the entire story, but I enacted as much as I could understand.