Jamestown Story – Touche’, Miss Indenial Lyrics

She wears makeup to cover up the signs that she’s naked behind her lies,
but truth be told when daddy’s home tonight…. She’s inviting heartache, to come home cause she’s starving for hope
that maybe “baby” won’t be pushed around. Get up, last call for another round
stand up, you’re due for anight on the town
Go home, his shots aren’t the way to go down
Deep eyes, but even deeper wounds, her face is too transparent, she
can’t hide it, she can’t hide it anymore, so scream now or forever live
in hell, her silence isn’t virtue, so open wide or try to hide cause
here he comes…
It’s not her fault
Typical words, typical slurs, everynight is the same, it can’t get
She can’t hide it, she can’t fight it, she can sit through his shit
without crying