Kur – 20 On 4 Lyrics

It’s all dedication
Shit I listen and I never say shit
Need to take my girl on a vacation
Cuz she buggin me out, irritation
Off the plane, we just got to LA
We gon’ check in, then we at Crustaceans
We on ours, I just hope they on they shit
I’m just hoping my dawg ain’t on fake shit
Damn don’t tell me my dawg on some snake shit
I got scars and it’s hard to erase it
I get love and it’s hard to embrace it
Love my dreams, but I get tired of chasin’
You ain’t paying then I ain’t gon’ come out
Shoot at cribs and we tell niggas come out
Send a Lyft to her crib, told her come out
I was grimy as shit on the come out
Fans yellin’ and scream when I come out
I was serving my green til the sun out
Spending beans like it’s not gon’ run out
On the studio cam with my gun out
Streets is dying for my shit to come out
I’m the wrong nigga to count out
I ain’t the one you should count out
I ain’t the one you should count out
I’m the wrong nigga to count out
Trapping in my acgs it felt impossible to make a stack
Getting fronted work, spent mine gotta give theirs back
You can hear the hurt, I’m going thru it trynna hold tears back
My windbreaker Prada, I just ordered scallops, the water in bottles
I get motivated , it’s always good vibes when I run into Wallo and Gill
I made my mistakes, so I’ll handle it better
When I go and sign my next deal
Weathered the storm so I’m coming back better
I’m tellin’ you It’s gon’ be real
Niggas got it, don’t know what to do wit it
Bout to move outta my spot ain’t renewing it
I took loss after loss, I was losing it
It was kush in the jar, I was moving it
Alot of niggas just talk it, I’m doing it
Yeah been that way from the start
Making plays at the park, slap box and getting sharp
Tats on me full of art, GAT on me it was dark
Clear fruit I was parched, clear view I got a spark
Don’t know why I got these thoughts
Don’t know why I take the blame
Feeling like this shit my fault
Don’t know why I take the blame Can’t complain when my plate get full
I’m doing whatever it takes to bloom
They wearing the fakest jewels
These niggas be fraudin’ and think it’s cool
Lotta niggas don’t know me, tell bitches we homies
Now bitches they think we cool
I came up from nothing, I couldn’t get lunch
Ask my man for a yank at school
I was deep in the bucket, with pistols like f*ck it
Man I’m with the apes and goons
I got tired of sitting, got tired of bullshitting
Man I gotta make some moves
I ain’t gonna lie, man I got too comfortable when I had things to do
And I ain’t gon lie, I was late on the rent
They kept calling my phone like it’s due
If it’s something you love, then never give up
And you gotta keep on chasing
I got back my hunger, I ran outta money
I barely had any savings
You know me trying to rush it
But I couldn’t rush it
Aye dog I just had to be patient
Gave my all, all my pain it was sacred
Reem my dawg, can’t nobody replace hm
At the loft, I was rolling up thinkin’
Should I go or should I take a break
It got slow but I ain’t lose my faith
Something came thru the timing was great
Say she love me but she love the pap
Yea I waited my time was hatin’
Give my praises to God, ain’t no satan
Needed woods, had to stop at the station
I just hopped out a Porsche, I was blazin’
Let me get 20 on 4, homie thank you
Ima do what I do, ain’t no thinking
That was young of me, falling for bait
How I did it?