Meet Money Heist’s Professor in the Indian crossover ‘nobody asked for’

(Photo: La Casa De Papel/Instagram)Money Heist’s The Professor’s intelligence and master plotting makes him a fan favourite. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd


Money Heist

Netflix According to Netflix India, it will definitely not be Virus, a role portrayed by actor Boman Irani in 2009 blockbuster film, 3 Idiots. #CrossoversNobodyAskedFor #MoneyHeist #3Idiots #Professor #Virus #Memes
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The video shared by the streaming giant’s Instagram handle inter-cuts between the introduction shots of The Professor in Money Heist episode 1, and Dr Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus in the movie. Earlier, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana had expressed his willingness to portray The Professor or a similar part on screen. View this post on Instagram

Us to Virus: Bella jao, Bella jao, Bella jao jao jao! Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. It released the “Bella Ciao Dhol Taasha” cover dance mix that fused Money Heist’s Italian theme song “Bella Ciao” with the signature beats of Ganesh Chaturthi. View this post on Instagram

Armados hasta las tetas, siempre @miguel.g.herran ❣️
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Shez an angel though 🐹 #LCDP5
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Actor Álvaro Morte, who plays The Professor in Money Heist, is currently shooting for its fifth and final season. While the caption on The Professor says — Professor we all want, the one on Virus says — Professor we get. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Actors Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), Itziar Ituño (Lisbon) and others have so far given several sneak-peeks into the production of Money Heist 5. 🙏🏻🔥⛩🎬 @netflixes @vancouvermediaproducciones LCDP5
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The cast, which is currently shooting for its fifth and final season, has been teasing fans with regular social media posts. No wonder, viewers love to draw parallels between his sharp mind with any other homegrown character. While the wait to see an Indian version of the Spanish crime-drama continues, Netflix India gave its Indian fans a crossover, which it claims “nobody asked for”. But if you had to pick one character we’ve already seen, that might remind us of actor Álvaro Morte in Money Heist, who would it be? #CrossoversNobodyAskedFor #MoneyHeist #3Idiots #Professor #Virus #Memes.”
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This isn’t the first time Netflix India has attempted such a crossover. The caption of the post reads, “Us to Virus: Bella jao, Bella jao, Bella jao jao jao!