Mistah F.a.b. – Bring The Classics Back Lyrics

[Verse 2]
Who remember when Geto Boys drop, that classic album we can’t be stopped
Scarface, one of the best in hip hop
My eyes playing tricks on me till this day that knocks
Me against the world, feeling like Pac
Like 93' still have a haven't stopped
Hiro I just had to give props
And Digital Underground they stayed on my block
Wanted to be like Short in that drop on that born to mack cover put my city on the mob
And to me Hammer was the greatest
Twenty years later, man I ain’t afraid to say it! Every Saturday used to watch his cartoon
With pictures, and posters, of him in my room
Man, cause he made the city shine
And all around the world, they were saying Hammer Time
[Verse 3]
Barber Shop disputes over who was the right one
Who was more gangster Kool G Rap or Spice 1
Playing Chuck D. Man, damn I miss
Rappers said it and they did it, and they really had fans
And you could blow up without having a dance
Oh, man, damn I miss hip hop! One, BDP
‘till this day Guru wantin a Primo beat
I grew up in Oakland off APG
That was Action Packed Gangster, who feel me? N.W.A., straight out of Compton
D.O.C. f*ck John Wayne and Elvis Presely did he play that? Damn I miss! When I first heard Outkast Wow
J first album didn’t blow, how? Uh, hop hoes in my lawn
Chess not checkers I’m a king, you’re a pawn
Great Adventures of Slick Rick greatest story ever, oh yeah, get this
When the beat was fresh, and the rhymes real
And the music really get you that feel
Oh, man, damn I miss hip hop! that was just shit was knocking
Too hard for the radio Mac Dre
Living federal like E-40
Whole rap game really miss Pac
But to the West Coast, that was hip hop! [Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, I remember when my cousin
Bought me Bigger And Deffer
Kangol hat, I was way more fresher
Cool J tape, first tape I ever had
All in my mirror practicing, I’m bad
Pay In Full Eric B & Rakim
Cause every rap cat wanted to be like him
West Coast, I was raised on a East shit
Walk this way then, that Run DMC shit
Cross over that EPMD shit
Big Daddy came, three cuts in my eyebrow
Playing Low End Theory, real hip hop fans know you hear me! saying damn, did he say that? K.R.S.