Mistah F.a.b. – Lose Everything Lyrics

You can take the flowers and lay them on his tomb
I saw him rise up from the grave
(verse 1)
The love of this art music is why i dooz it
But sittin on your talent is the best way to lose it
The industry slept on me so long man i lost it
So now im on the grind until i get exhausted
And then some cuz with me it ain’t all about the income
Cuz when you do what you do thats when the real ins come
I was destined to rise when all else fails
I was heaven sent too bad i was born in this hell
But my backyard taught me how to rap hard
I was a star before i ever spit a rap bar
My goal was to let the world see the real me
Heartfelt even parapalegics could feel me
And im still me
Even after all the fame even after all the cars all the girls all the chains
Even after all the dirt that people put inside my name
No matter what still i remain
You can take a daimond and lock them in your room
You will lose everything you save
You can take the flowers and lay them on his tomb
I saw him rise up from the grave
(verse 2)
Last year was a tough one but it helped me a lot
Cuz in my life i had to get some growing up done
Became a better man life helped me understand
Har to trust anyone all family ain’t friends
And man am i growing i improve my flowing
Time fly fast man quicker thatn a boeing
My daughter was crawling now she rolling
My daughter is the only thing that keeps me going
Running laughing whod ever imagine
That i would strike joy from a little bit of passion
Man it can happen the reason why im gassing
The reason i ain’t drop but the people still askin
Never afraid to lose losing help you win
Losing like that fur coat when you aim to win
Losing like that lifeguard when you can’t swim man
Losing is that light when the light gets dim
From every loss i took man i looked at what i gained
For every rainy day soon the sun came
I overdosed on joy i forgot about the pain
My daughter is my daimond i forgot about my chain
I push a rap career and label please do me a favor
If you ain’t with me you against me in these moments i savor
Cuz man when i make it dont come asking for my paper
Continue being them haters and critics and namesayers? Daddy was a pimp and my momma was a player
Granny told me every night boy say your prayers
Grandaddy told me watch out for them girls they wanna play us
Or how you mad as hell sick stressing at night
See i grew up man with these lessons of life
Like everything i am made me everything im is
And everything i want if i work one day i can get
(chorus) I grew up a Warrior but i grew up a Raider!