Riverdales – Hampton Beach Lyrics

Hey! Hey! And I'm willing to bet
That there'll be many a degenerate
Many will jump into the sea
Surfin' up teenage lobotomy
Hey! Route 90 will take me away
From the Windy City to the Massachusetts Bay
The locals might think we're a little goofy
But that's fine by me
Hey! Hey! Hampton Beach or bust [x4]
There's nothing to discuss
It's Hampton Beach or bust
The chicks that we brang up make the scene
Everything will be peachy keen
Hey! We packed our bags, now we're leaving home
Drove all the way to the East Coast
For the gig with the Ramones
I hope we can make it to the show
Hey! Hampton Beach or bust [x4]
We're gonna go [x4]
Hampton Beach, yeah
We're gonna go
[x8] Hey!