Saintseneca – No Names Lyrics

You are an angel made of paper take me to yer golden home
Please don’t you give me no more freedom men do not have brave souls
Give me your friendship, give me kindness, break me off a piece of yer wing
I just can’t stand how you angels think that your the only ones who can sing
How I wish that I could fly: I wish that I could live
Take me away my oh angel of mine, I’ll take what you have to give
Please don’t think of it as a threat, I love you with all my mind
Consider it a humble bargain or else yer gonna have a fight
Take me to yer place
Medicine for cure
It’s too hot to walk
Flames cover my breath, and you
I ain’t afraid to bust out your windows
I ain’t afraid to knock down your door
Soft-soled or soft-souled oh let’s just make do
I ain’t scared, I ain’t scared to die no more