Sara Niemietz – Hear Me Now Lyrics

When we could finish each other's thoughts
It seems like forever now
I don't know how we can get back
Back to the laughter
And listen, wish we could listen all night long
To that Tom Waits song
They say you never really know a good thing till it's gone
Maybe when you're all alone, you'll look back and see where we went wrong
Can you hear me now? Echoes
All that remain of the music
Songs that we sang
We sit silently
You don't sing to me
It's so quiet here in this room
When I try to show you tune
You just close your ears
You don't want to hear
Will we ever find a way, or words to say, how do we fall in love again? Now that I'm gone! I didn't want to see the day I had to walk away, and say goodbye to my best friend
Can you hear me now?