Tanya Stephens – Damn Lyrics

Started of with dinner at a fancy new place
Succulent dishes, mmm, tickle my taste
Took me to quaintest romantic little bar
Perfect gentleman treated me like a star
We talked about everything from politics to cartoons
He loves reading just like I do
From Sidney Sheldon to Mills and Boon
We danced a bit then talked some more
It was a refreshing change to be with a man and feel this good
Unheard of, he must be absolutely insane
Encouraged me to talk, allowed me to use my brain
He not keep looking at my ass or tits
Instead spent the evening sharpening my wits
He asked for my opinion, he admitted when I was right
A rare combination, handsome and bright
We walked to his car, he opened my door, shit
No guy ever did that for me before
We cruised to my place holding hands the whole ride
And naturally I had to invite him inside
We had a drink to celebrate a successful evening
I swear I felt the earth shake when we kissed
He was kissing my forehead, my nose
While I fought desperately to get out of my clothes
We made it to the bed, I gently took his member
A delightful representation of the masculine gender
I bided myself and guided it home
And doggy then happily buried the bone
Then shuttered, bucked, roll off and sighed
Happy, content, puffed up with pride
Didn’t uttered a word, made not even a sound
Just left me up hanging no means to get down
I said congratulations and gave him a pat
You’ve set a new record 10 seconds flat
He didn’t seem to hear me just lay there in a heap
He snores over 20, falling asleep, damn