Vikrant Massey on Ginny Weds Sunny: It was a conscious decision to do a massy film

The show has some fine actors and very funny content. Because I’ve done television for 10 years, my soul still belongs to that platform. Yami: I haven’t followed television nor am I aware of its content. It’s tough because inherently I don’t have a sense of vanity. I had been doing very intense movies in the last two-three years, which was very consuming. Vikrant: It is not going to be an Instagram wedding (laughs). Yami: So yeah, that’s how Masseyji will get married and even I would, as and when I find a groom for myself (laughs). With any film or character, there’s a tendency for it to turn cliched but with Vikrant on board, I knew he would add a lot to the character. Half your work as an actor becomes easy when you have a team with the right intentions, right casting and right technicians on board. A still from Ginny Weds Sunny. That show reached so many people. (Photo: Netflix)In the romantic comedy Ginny Weds Sunny, the audience gets to see Vikrant Massey loosen up and have some fun. She’s a lovely girl and so pretty! Also read | Ginny Weds Sunny will make you feel light and happy: Yami Gautam
Vikrant: I follow television very regularly. As Yami said, romantic comedies or the staple diet of what used to be Indian entertainment is vanishing. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
Vikrant, I don’t believe we have seen you in an out and out rom-com before. I wouldn’t want to generalise but a majority of them are like that. Vikrant: I think Yami will be the perfect person to answer this question because whatever she will say, it’s exactly how my wedding would happen. But there’s one show called Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain which my family loves to watch. I am hopeful we will revisit the glorious days of Nukkad, Byomkesh Bakshi, Buniyaad or Mirza Ghalib or the times when good content was being made. Yami: Yeah (smiles), the reason for that is, Sheetal belongs to the same place as I do. To be honest, it was taking a toll on me and the environment of my house because I generally tend to bring work home. (Photo: Netflix)
Since you guys were part of successful TV shows. I loved the characters and the contrast between Ginny and Sunny. I thought it will be a nice film to do after playing intense characters in my previous films. The wedding happens at home. Written by A. Yami: I think there’s a dearth of romantic comedies today. What was it like to play the lead in such a film? I knew this would be fun. I truly believe I am what I am because of it. I cherish those days. What do you have to say about today’s TV shows? I loved the script and the story of Ginny Weds Sunny. Considering the kind of regressive content we are seeing on television, at least in terms of daily soaps, I don’t see myself being a part of such a narrative. There’s a strong sense of community there. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd It was one of the reasons why I quit television. What made you say yes to Ginny Weds Sunny, considering rom-com is a tried-and-tested genre, and all possible themes of the genre have already been explored before? So, you never know what might come up. I wanted to do this film for myself. But it’s a very disheartening scenario and I’ve admitted this earlier too. Also, when I got to know that Vikrant is playing the part of Sunny, I was so relieved because he’s an incredible actor. What sort of wedding would you want? Working with this crazy girl (Yami) on this crazy film was incredible. In a conversation with, Vikrant and Yami opened up on starring in a rom-com, the kind of wedding ceremony they would like and so much more. So, even though Masseyji is my friend, for me it’s always going to be like “humaare shehar ki ladki hai jiski shaadi ho rahi hai” (He’s marrying a girl from my town). Also starring Yami Gautam, the film has had a digital release on Netflix. So, it was a conscious decision to do something which is relatively easier, a massy film with songs and dance, which we are used to watching. Kameshwari
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Vikrant Massey's Ginny Weds Sunny is streaming on Netflix. And would you ever consider choosing a TV project in the near future? We were having fun all the time. So, it was very difficult for me to be constantly aware of the fact that I need to look good, which doesn’t come naturally to me.×1.png
But all those concerns took a backseat when I befriended Yami on the second or third day of the shoot. As far as going back to television is concerned, I don’t know if the creative work I’m looking for fits in this world. When it comes to the wedding, back in our town, it is always a small affair with no taam-jhaam (frills). Vikrant: I was very consciously looking for a script, and I was going through a lot of romantic comedies at that time. To be honest, as much as I was thinking that it will be fun to work in a genre like this, it was too hard. I was looking forward to meeting her formally but due to the pandemic, it couldn’t happen. But as they say, never say never because you might find something so interesting that blows you away. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Like when Mr Amitabh Bachchan made his (TV) debut with KBC, it was a historic moment. I also follow because some things bother me. That’s when this script came from Sumit Arora and Navjot Gulati, who happen to be my good friends. Even when I was working, I didn’t get to watch my own show because I did not have the time.