John Davey – Toss Your Javelin Lyrics

Toss your javelin ‘cross the chasm
Of space and time and generation
A running start, the finest art
Of casting shadows long and lean
The Genius in your own backyard
Don’t need no helpin’ hand
Don’t need no praise nor accolade
To cultivate the land
Fortunately, Behemoth’s still around
His father pulled with hands that hold the child
The sapling from the earth with all its roots
According to John, who was there too
Though the telling sucked, the bones of it were true
The Hero stands astride the ridge
Surveys the valley green
His vision never blurs at all
He sees what must be seen
Fortunately, Goliath’s still around
Sorrows for a day
Here and gone away
I’ll tell you what I’ll do
Considering it’s you
I will help you pull
Toss your javelin
See what happens
Go cast your shadow long and lean