Jugga The Bully – Feel Me Lyrics

I hate-them-cats…ya’ll just wack–face-them-facts
If you got problems? Got-that-knocked…gun on my waist…and I got-that-cocked…
I don’t mean to offend with this observation….but ya’ll full of shit like constipation
Niggas don’t want no confrontation…shut the fukk up with that conversation
Pull a nigga card like concentration…bust shots at the cops not cooperatin’
See you in court for the arbitration…everything I drop be hot-like-cajun
Cut mo’ gulls than a operation…takin’-em-home…makin’-em-moan
More assets than a Savings-and-Loan…if they man show up I’m breakin’-some-bones
Claimin’-the-throne…livin’-with-the-stress…fittin’-in-a-vest like niggas-in-the-west
Cuz figures-that-you-net don’t mean a thing when you got ten slugs sittin’-in-ya-chest
Givin’-it-my-best…leave warriors-bruised…Kno beats phat like Victoria-boobs
I’m up in New York screwin’ foreigners-dude….you Motel 6, we Astoria-rooms
Send you to the coroner grabbin’-the-mic….over ya’ll heads like satellites
Ya’ll think you fly? I’mma cancel-ya-flight…to hell with a MC battle-let’s-fight
You down-for-that? You coming last-in-the-race…
[HOOK] Hoe-you-can-leave…if you ain’t chip in you ain’t smokin’-the-weed
All ya’ll dough hand it over-to-me…have you on a respirator just so-you-can-breathe
Make it so ya eyes can’t focus-to-see…I’ve had it up to here with these bogus-emcees
All I’m here for is servin’-rap-groupies…flows be tighter than virgin-gnat-booty
Words-react-smooth to the beats-I-choose…lines I spit fit like feet-to-shoes
Might slur my words when I drink-the-booze…you must be dumb if you think-I’ll-lose
JUGZ got ya whole crew singin’-the-blues…like Bobby-Bland–you a copy-man
When the smoke clears you prolly-a-fan….if you talk noise? All ya’ll songs sound dumb-to-me….flossed out rappers just bums-to-me
Ya’ll don’t really want none-of-me….nigga this Atlantis we under-sea
Run-from-me…make-some-tracks…before I get mad and break-some-backs
Where the fake-ones-at? I’m strokin’-dimes
Everywhere I go: tote-the-nine–you cuss from behind like I broke-in-line
Don’t nobody flow dope-as-mine…even Ku Klux got open-minds
Trick-my-click-got-local-pull…the flow you sweat? We smokin’ on pounds-of-that
Sittin’ in a cloud-in-fact…they never found the strap but they’ll find you around-the-back
A nigga sick of all these clowns-in-rap…all niggas got is lip-to-front
And since ya’ll got that I got clips-to-dump…but not until after I hit-this-blunt…. [HOOK]
To my folk in the front (raise it up raise it up)
Flick ya lighters spark the blunts (blaze it up blaze it up)
Aye gull! [HOOK]
If you ain’t givin’ head? Believe it’s hot if it comes-from-me
COPS can’t take my guns-from-me….fukk ya’ll record company!! I’mma body-a-fan
Bust up in ya set with the shotty-in-hand…cross the thin line between wrath-and-hate
Sniper on the roof to assassinate…make peace with God don’t procrastinate
Point blank…whether slow or the faster-pace…my ass-is-great you exaggerate
Since you so gassed I’mma pass it in-ya-face if it’s tween me and you? What you rollin’ up? Blaze-them-gats…The BULLY been phat since the page-in-the-back
Of BLAZE MAGAZINE…spit so ill…even deejays catch AIDS-from-the-wax
You hate-on-the-raps…but quote-the-rhymes…in the meantime? Got-that-locked
Bitches you sweat? Pop that trunk (shake it up shake it up)
I know ya’ll Feel Me don’t front (make it crunk make it crunk)
JUGZ put ya body where it’s hard-to-smell…cover up ya scent when I spark-the-el
Punk don’t front it ain’t hard-to-tell…ya’ll can’t win like Gargamel
How you go’n shine if it’s dark-as-hell?