Mane Number 13 will have The Conjuring effect on you: Chethan Gandharva

And he pitches his latest movie Mane Number 13 as a perfect excuse for all family members to huddle up in a room and watch the horror show, which is whipped up by director Vivy Kathiresan and his crew. It has a mix of thrill, suspense and horror. The film also stars Varsha Bollamma, Aishwarya Gowda, Praveen Prem and Sanjeev, among others. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. I love watching such movies alone at home with all lights off,” Chethan told while talking about Mane Number 13, which is due to release on Amazon Prime Video this Thursday. “This is not purely a horror subject. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Mane Number 13 is said to revolve around a group of friends who willingly get into an infamous haunted house for some thrills and end up experiencing all sorts of paranormal activity. “I think after The Conjuring, the whole view of a horror movie changed. You won’t know what’s going to happen next throughout the movie. “When Vivy narrated the movie, I really liked the suspense portions of it. Actor Sathvika Appaiah, however, begs to differ. I think Mane Number 13 will have the same kind of effect on you when you see it,” he promised. It is different from the other movies,” Chethan added while complaining that of late, most horror movies have become repetitive.×1.png
Chethan’s observation is valid as the south Indian film industry is preoccupied with churning out horror-comedies that offer nothing more than predictable jump scares. The screenplay is written in such a way that you can’t tell the good guy from the bad one,” she said. He thinks horror-movies are best enjoyed when watched with all family members. It is a horror movie, and at the same time, you have thrilling portions. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd And Chethan further assures that Mane Number 13 would be very different from all the horror movies that we have seen in recent years. “Horror is my favourite genre. And it drove me into my character. Written by Manoj Kumar R
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November 25, 2020 2:37:12 pm

Mane Number 13 is written and directed by Vivy Kathiresan (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)Sandalwood actor Chethan Gandharva has a very different notion about what constitutes a “family-friendly” movie. But, if the trailer is anything to go by, even Mane Number 13 feels like a run-of-the-mill horror movie. I remember after watching that movie, my friend and I had the same kind of fear (that of characters in The Conjuring) while driving back home.