Pilot To Gunner – Bring It Live Lyrics

The cameras, the lights, "thoughtwe knew what to do, when the buildings, they fall, after a knock or two". Electricity–a rope, a kite, a key. We'll bring enough to bring it live We got carried away in crowds, on floats with ticker-tape and yeah we brought it live. We have all we need, just need a little juice. Make it cough make it go, the rust is coming loose. The books, they all saidthat this was coming true, so we struckand we brought enoughto bring it live. It struck and it brought enough to bring it live. A rope, a kite, a key, and…well, it's not worth repeating. But is it worth another try? When it comes, in two days, stay in control. Made it go, there's no way, to control, we got carried away in crowds, and on floats with ticker-tape, but we forgot all the codes.