Shenseea Teases Her Upcoming Eyelash Line, “The Wait Is Finally Over”

She made the revelation during an interview with DJ Young Chow virtually on November 6. we love us some Shenseea!!”
The post has been liked over 100, 000 times which is an indicator of how much her fans intend to support her latest venture. One of her long-time ambitions has been in fashion, and now the Shenyang Boss is going to be combining these skills for her latest business venture, which will be her Lash Collection. And for the third one-well, I don’t know yet,” she said. Here’s what some of them had to say:
“Just say u want me to start wearing lashes ??? Shenseea and the Romeich team are always looking for innovative ways to expand her brand. YES sistaaa!” one fan wrote while another added, “Okay girl, what don’t you do??? Shenseea took to Instagram to test the response she would get and also announce that the company will be launching soon. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by? She said, “The wait is finally over? Her fans were immediately onboard with the idea of an eyelash company. (@shenseea)

“I’m gonna have about three websites, the first one right now is what we sorting out with the lashes, and the next one for my merch-T-shirts, hats, and all of that. She first mentioned her ideas for her brand, including other merchandise, earlier this month. TwitterFacebook SHENYENG? Shenseea put her fans on alert for her upcoming eyelash line. Y’all ready for my Lash Collection.”
Even though this served as confirmation that the line is happening, she didn’t reveal any other details about when or what will be featured first. She also said that she’s thinking about launching a cookbook with her recipes soon as well.