Trapped In Static – Lost Souls Lyrics

People like you, don’t know what they need,
Having everything your way
You say we can be free, but how can that be
With no one to share, no one that cares,
And no feelings nothing to fill this empty air
And we are empty as air In a world for you and me with no one else around
When you felt down,
I always held you up, not just a face in the crowd
I thought I ‘d always stick around
But you, again you let me down,
Tonight I am on fire, here my voice I am alive,
We are stronger together, we can survive
I am not going down, I am on fire tonight
I will stick around, be the light in your night
This world cuts like a knife,
But it hurts more inside
When thinking about you, living without you
Wish I could change your mind,
Two lost souls in the night
Where will we go,
Do you think we can find the strength? Where you feel safe,
I wanna hide in there, take a ride with you,
Where I can be yours forever.