Alice Smith – Gary Song Lyrics

When I walk down the streets at night
All the brothers they just stop and sigh
They say hey baby what you doing tonight
Why don’t you get down in my car and ride
We can go to the movie show
We can do anything you want
Anything but don’t ya pass me by
Maybe I’ll stop maybe it’s worth a try
[Chorus: x2]
But if we, start the ball
To rolling, will it stop or keep going
To the point I don’t know when
I’m gon’ stop
Ain’t another lady quite like me
Why don’t you try why don’t you taste and see
We ain’t gotta tell another soul
Maybe it’s better if nobody knows
Like the boys in the undercover
We can be each other’s secret lover
Keep the secret between you and I
Maybe I’ll stop maybe it’s worth a try
[Chorus x3]