Allan Sherman – Mononeucleosis Lyrics

Mononucleosis is the kissing disease
It’s very hard to shake it, but you get it with ease
So if you’re really sweet sixteen and never been kissed
How come you’re on the mononucleosis list? Mononucleosis
Will make you very sick
So baby, get your Blue Cross card
And kiss me quick
Mononucleosis was discovered one day
By a very famous scientist the following way:
He grabbed his lab assistant, and when she gave a lurch
He whispered, “Cool it, baby, we’re just doing research.”
Will give you quite a scare
But baby, come and kiss me
We’ve got Medicare
Mononucleosis is contagious, but nice
Once I knew a fella who contracted it twice
First he kissed his girlfriend and endangered his life
And while he was recovering, he kissed his wife
Yes that’s the diagnosis
It’s the kissing disease
So baby, come as close as
You wish or you please
‘Cause mononucleosis
Will raise your temperature
So let’s continue kissing till they find the cure