Dj Smokey – Dog Food Lyrics

They can sell for $20,000 a karat
I've never seen anything that beautiful- the cut, the clarity- it's beyond words
[Kenny B]
I got niggas with 30s, they'll shoot up ya home
You know we can't meet, you like it, you gone
Bitch I'm a dog, gimme a bone
I got two bitches, they get along
Come to the streets, see what you want
I'm in the field like I'm Julio Jones
No feature for free, no you can't get on my song
Gang gang shit, [?], no you can't muhf*ckin' hang, lil' nigga
Stop sayin' you rough in yo' songs, boy, you ain't hittin' no stains lil' nigga
I'm in tune with Mary Jane, lil' nigga
[?] on them niggas
Send them lil' niggas to aim at you niggas
[Producer tags]
Squirtle! A true padparadscha sapphire is pink, with hints of red, yellow, and orange. Squirtle
Yo, smoke gang, represent
Smoke gang trailer park boys are creepin' through your hood
Killing spree
They call his mixtapes caramel, cause he lay it down smooth as hell Squirtle!