Eric Johnson – Hotel Ole Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My distance, it was all around you
Hotel Olé just round the bend
I'll take you there and spend with you
[Verse 2]
Lift up, stay away the gray now
You'll take some time, I'll make you mine
And I'll be true to only you
Help me to see matters at time
Under the stars {?} kind
I drift away and when you stay
The stars seem pure {?}
[Verse 2]
And I'd count the days
So soon I will have your presence
We'll walk the isles and make them smile
With all the trials we'd leave behind
[Verse 3]
Love kissed with a gold emotion
We'll walk the shores of seven doors
And try to see just what can be
[Verse 4]
Kindness from an ocean's arms girl
Hotel Ole watch what you say
Hotel Ole, your dreams come
Your dreams come
Your dreams come (Your dreams come) True
Sign on the back of your poster wall
Anything {?} would say
{?} can come true
Take some time {?}
Turn around {?} now's the time
To let you know, I want you to