Ishawna Fired Back at Lisa Hyper Following Call for Peace

The apology was accepted by Tifa and Spice, but Pamutae felt the move was not genuine and was not enough to mend fences. Ishawna appears to take a dig at Lisa Hyper following her recent call for peace. View this post on Instagram

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Not everyone is here for the bitter rivalries thought, and one fan decided to address Ishawna in the comment section below her post. According to Lisa Hyper, her decision to take shots at her female counterparts some years ago was all due to her perception that they were speaking negatively of her behind her back following the leaked image. TwitterFacebook A few days following the airing of the Spice It Up, Ms. The men of the genre have shown this side for many years. Lisa Hyper told Spice that she would not be taking part in any other beefs for now. By the looks of it, Pam is not the only one not ready to bury the hatchet and start a friendship. There was once bitter rivalry between Lisa Hyper and a handful of females in the genre. Legendary dropped a couple of words that may or may not be aimed at Lisa Hyper. Rivalry has long been at the heart of dancehall culture. That has changed over the last couple of decades with some pretty nasty face-offs among the ladies. Lisa Hyper recently apologized to Spice and buried the hatchet with the Queen of Dancehall, an act which inspired last week’s episode of Spice It Up titled “Mending Fences.” Spice invited Lisa Hyper, Pamputae, and Tifa via Zoom to settle their differences. “If woman uno love too much war as u watch spice it up u gone dash stone peace,” came the comment. Meanwhile, the females were seen as the keepers of peace. She made mention that her decision was not wise and ultimately apologized to everyone she had wronged. Hyper crafted a vicious diss track aimed at the likes of Tifa, Pamputae, Spice, Ishawna, and other prominent females in the business at the time. “A b**ch can never “thought” I said something cause when I say something I say it loud and clear!” She wrote below an image of herself. It all followed on the heels of a leaked photo of Hyper performing oral sex, which took place over a decade ago. Therefore, we are doubtful that Ishawna will see a response from the Gaza First Lady.