Mallika Dua: There is something for everyone in Indoo Ki Jawani

She also asks Indoo to download a dating app, which leads to all the fun and drama. I will also be shooting for another one soon. Since we were shooting in Lucknow, we would shop and eat all kinds of good food. In an exclusive chat with, actor-content creator spoke about the film, playing Indoo’s best friend Sonal and her prerequisites before taking up a role. View this post on Instagram

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Since you mentioned, Sonal gets Indoo to use a dating app, have you personally been on one? There are multiple storylines running in the film, and I don’t want to comment on just this one. Sonal feels she has it all figured out, and is this typical wing woman, agony aunt for Indoo. Honestly, there is something for everyone in the film. (Photo: PR Handout)Kiara Advani starrer Indoo Ki Jawani is set to hit cinema halls this Friday. Are you anything like that in real life?×1.png
I love giving advice to everyone but not with as much confidence as Sonal. What we want to tell through the film is never judge a book by its cover. We just want everyone to have a good time. Since both of you know why you are talking, it cuts out all unnecessary layers and small talk. Do you have your own love guru or agony aunt? Directed by Abir Sengupta, Indoo Ki Jawani will release on December 11. How do you feel about that? It was one of the happiest experiences of my life. © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd


Kiara Advani While it came as a shocker to the audience, when you first read the script, what was your reaction to it? I think it’s a democratic way to find the right person. View this post on Instagram

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What are the prerequisites before you take up a project? We are all now just praying for the vaccine. Indoo Ki Jawani is one of the first films to release in theatres after the lockdown was lifted. Aditya and I used to hang out, even when we were not shooting. Other than that, I also reach out to my father, for all type of life advice. The production also looked after us really well. I play Indoo’s best friend Sonal – a know it all who loves giving gyaan on everything, from life to love. It has to be a memorable part. That just becomes the cherry on the cake. It was so much fun, and I met some wonderful people, even dated one. Don't Miss These StoriesCriminal Justice Season 2 trailer: Pankaj Tripathi's Madhav Mishra is back with a bangMallika Dua: There is something for everyone in Indoo Ki JawaniNeetu Kapoor tests positive for coronavirusClick here for more

What’s next for you? I am just glad that life is resuming, and grateful that Indoo Ki Jawani is one of the first films to hit cinema halls. All of them are majorly comedy projects, as in these times, we all need humour in life. Even lead actors are actually craving for these parts. A lot depends on how the character is written. Also, given my love life is a joke, I do keep giving gyaan to others (laughs). Tell us about the experience of shooting for the film, given it’s such a young cast. Firstly, it has to be a significant part. So before you start making your own judgement, watch the film. They should be driving the film. It would be a cheap guilty pleasure, but I would love to do a love story someday with a beautiful cute, hot guy (laughs). She is somehow trying to always steer Indoo’s life in different directions. I really liked that fact. How okay are you with being cast as the heroine’s good friend? And lastly, it should pay well. 📣 The Indian Express is now on Telegram. The trailer of the film starts on a fun note and suddenly becomes an Indo-Pak story. I never had a love guru, but since my sister is a therapist, I have the best go-to-person for any kind of advice. Most of my scenes were of course with Kiara, and she is a delight to work with. Written by Sana Farzeen
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Mallika Dua plays Kiara Advani's bestie in Indoo Ki Jawani. There’s another project that will come out in a few months. If yes, how was the experience? Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. Honestly, dil se, we all want people to enjoy the film, whether they watch it on the big screen, laptop or even mobile. A trailer can never give out everything. I can’t be someone in the background. I would also like to convey or empower people in a fun way with my character. Even in this film, she is actually telling the heroine what to do. It was a short schedule and not stressful, and we really enjoyed ourselves. See if I am offered the heroine’s best friend, it should also have some meat, and not just be a sidekick. From romance, action, emotion, drama, sisterhood and some great music – it’s a wholesome entertainer. Obviously, after Indoo Ki Jawani, I wish to get better roles, where women are not there for the heck of it. The coming-of-age comedy also features Mallika Dua in a pivotal role. Then, I have to like the people who I would be working with, and resonate with their values. I am also doing shows for Myntra and Flipkart. You will see me pretty soon in an OTT project, but I can’t talk about it right now. I think things are changing. And I totally killed it there. Excerpts from the conversation:
What is Mallika Dua doing in Indoo Ki Jawani? Also, the concept of leads is slowly fading away, and I think it’s a wonderful time to play good character roles. In recent times, we have seen some amazing characters in the OTT space, that were technically supporting roles. Of course, I used to be on dating apps before people started recognising me. It was absolutely a very chilled shoot.