Tyrese Range Rover Stolen From Driveway, Singer Bails Out Car Thieves

He added that he is now seeking to assist the young men who committed the criminal act “got the Range back in 3 hours….And tryna nail the these youngsta’s out…they just here tryna get money… I ain’t mad at all…All love stay safe out there 2020 has tried to wipe us all out…”
In an act that many did not agree with, Tyrese continued, “Forgive them for they know not what they do….Amen.”
Many fans reacted with praise for the move, with one fan reacting to Tyrese’s update “love this so much! Meanwhile, Tyrese posted online that the Range was retrieved in three (3) hours. TwitterFacebook They shouldn’t of took it, but for you still try to help them shows your character!”
Meanwhile, others commented on the increasing crime in areas like Buckhead, where Tyrese lives as criminal targets well off neighborhoods. Tyrese had also forgotten to remove the keys out of the vehicle, which also helped the car thieves during the uninterrupted mission. Tyrese is counting his losses after thieves allegedly stole his range rover from the driveway of his Buckhead mansion. According to the police report, Tyrese said he parked the luxury vehicle in the driveway around 1:15 am but only discovered it missing around 8 am the next day. Home security footage showed a four door sedan circling the block before a man can be seen hopping out and walking towards Tyrese’s vehicle before getting in. The incident was reported by WBSTV in Atlanta, saying that police were called to Tyrese’s Buckhead Mansion home after he realized that his Range Rover was missing.