Willie The Kid – Free Parking Lyrics

Yo, it's the American way
Free parking, yo
Last time shit went fly, my niggas got right
Left a man where he stand ya right arm in a sling
Liberate like the left-wing, equal rights
I took a stance, never took the stand despite
Game room in the east wing, I never the punt
All is quiet on the western front
I can't front bad bitches, left 'em on read
Duane Reade run, diamonds dancing like Re-Run
What's happening at the cabin in the Gatlinburg, just having fun
Extеndo like a gatling gun, I had to run
Made a run and came back to bakе the baklava
Explosion 5 cops cars in front of my bar
Building ask a man with dependent children
What type of shield he wielding, I chilling
My chick a legend like Wilma Rudolph
For every Gotti there's a Dolph, pay the cost to be the boss
Everybody can floss
Unity I've been a rebel, UNLV
What the f*ck you gone tell me on a LP
Peaty take a sniff of the snifter and sipp
I reciprocate energy that's generally uh
New rappers like it's 10 of me
Ro add insult to injury
I'm too industrious for this industry
The crown prince royal