Young Thug Told His Daughter That She’s On “Slime Language 2” Here’s Her Reaction

“You’re playin’?” She asked her dad, who confirmed that he was not. “I’m calling you to congratulate you that you made Slime Language 2, you’re on the album,” he added as she couldn’t hide her excitement.
— Our Generation Music (@OGMusicCo) December 19, 2020

TwitterFacebook Young Thug is featuring his seven (7) year old daughter Mego YSL on his ‘Slime Language 2” tracklist. Mego YSL made her rapping debut on “They Listen A Lot.” With her new feature, this would mean a major label placement in her young career, which frankly would be one of the firsts we’ve seen for any child star in the rap industry. She recently made her rapping debut as she follows in her father’s footsteps. The release date for Slime Language 2 is unknown for now. Young Thug is undisputedly one of the most influential rappers in the last decade and has contributed to the imprint of trap music and its development. Young Thug shared the news about the album on Instagram during a call with his daughter. On Friday, Young Thug offered a new single titled, “Take It To Trial” with Gunna featuring Yak Gotti. His style and swag is definitely rubbing off on his daughter, who not only seems to share his references for high fashion but also can carry her father’s flow and rhythm. The wholesome GOAT Young Thug telling his daughter that she made it on his album 'Slime Language 2' ??