Dr. Dre Hospitalized In ICU For Brain Aneurysm: Reports

Dr. Dre’s business as she says he may have underreported his income by running it through various companies. Young on Tuesday revealed accounting documents that suggest that Dr. Dre previously said he has been spending $293,306 a month on Nicole while their divorce plays out. She said he is also lavishly funding the lifestyle of several girlfriends he keeps. Dre was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and directly admitted to ICU as he currently receives medical attention. The news broke that he was at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The Rapper is reportedly in critical care after suffering a brain aneurysm on Tuesday Evening. According to the documents, the marital living expenses were $2.3 million per month. Dr. Dre is lying about the money he has. Dre as he gears up to divorce his wife Nicole Young, who is out to get as much as she can from the divorce settlement. It further states that despite spending about $245 million over the three-year period 2017-2019- the couple’s available cash increased by $26 million, mainly due to the Apple investment. Dre reportedly has $262 million in cash and Apple stocks. According to Young, over the last three years, their spending has mainly come from selling Apple stock as the primary source of funding of their lifestyle from 2017-2019. Nicole’s accountant concluded that Dr. Nicole is also dishing out Dr. Dre has been hospitalized in Los Angeles. It’s been a stressful past few weeks for the 55-year-old Dr. Nicole, on the other hand, filed a claim for $2 million per month in temporary spousal support. He reportedly suffered bleeding, which doctors are examining and ordered tests to determine the origin. Twitter
Facebook According to the documents, Dr. Dre initially said he could not afford to give Young the maintenance she required monthly. Dr. Sources reportedly told TMZ that Dr. Dre’s got plenty of funds to contribute to Nicole’s attorney fees and “maintain the status quo” of their lifestyle.