Future and Dess Dior Hint They Got Married With Wedding Photos

Hip Hop’s biggest playboy Future, is rumored to be married to his new girl, Dess Dior. Inseparable is probably too tame of a word to use to describe the two love birds. They have instead taken the time to promote their new music, so maybe this is all just a publicity stunt or shots from a brand new music video. Surprisingly, Future looks even more smitten than he did with his former flame Lori Harvey. Neither of the two has confirmed if they are indeed married. Peep their matching outfits and just how they get dressed below for greater reference. Future is much revered for his music as well as his plethora of baby mamas, coming in at a wonderful eight kids with eight different women. It seems things are moving on nicely too, as Dior was spotted sporting a massive rock on her left hand’s ring finger when both of them went clubbing close to Christmas Eve. (@thegossiptwins_)

We have seen a similar promotional method used in the past, such as Drake and Nicki Minaj for “Moment 4 Life” in 2010. Are Future and Dess Dior married? If the rumors are true, we are definitely in for an even more interesting year than we thought. View this post on Instagram

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Facebook As such, fans of his misogynistic ways are currently not too happy about the rumors of him being married. Following this public showing, the two were spotted in formal wedding attire, which fuel rumors that the two had officially taken the next step to secure their future on New Year’s Day.