Swae Lee Injured In Car Crash With Mike WiLL Made-It

Swae Lee received minor injures in a car crash with producer Mike WiLL Made-It in Atlanta. Swae Lee also posted the impact of the accident as a photograph showed blood running down his eyes. His face has visible scratches, while his left eye can be seen with a scar on the brow bone, and his eye having a black circle around it while also swollen and puffy. In photos shared by Mike WiLL, the entire left side of the car was right off, as well as the bumper from the car missing. He posted, “me and Swae Willy made it out this MF alive w just a couple bruises, thank U God, I’m paying attention to all the signs, 2021 we turning lemons to lemonade all year….We could have been dead easily, but we made-it out with just a couple bruises.”
He added, “we here for a reason,” while saying “rip812superfast,” to his car. Details of the car crash are that Mike WiLL’s Ferrari 812 Superfast was swiped while the car was at a red light when a drunk driver allegedly rammed into their car. Mike WiLL Made-It and Swae Lee are counting their good fortunes after emerging from an accident unscathed on New Year’s Day. The photo also seemed to have a bruise at his hairline, which was bleeding. Swae Lee injured in a crash with Mike WiLL Made-It. However, on Swae Lee’s story, the artist posted an up-close image of himself on Jan 2. View this post on Instagram

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Meanwhile, many fans reacted to the photos, and a few seemed to think that the accident was not real and that the men staged the incident for a music video. Both men are doing okay https://t.co/3l5eQTN3NY pic.twitter.com/gJ1iV5bxov
— Urban Islandz (@urbanislandz) January 3, 2021