Lil Baby Amazed By Jay-Z’s Wordplay On DJ Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry” With Nas

What are your thoughts? It’s always fantastic when young players in the game recognize the talent of the veterans that paved the way for them. The track that sent Lil Baby into a tizzy, “Sorry Not Sorry,” features a slower beat that samples Jay-Z’s classic hit “Song Cry.” Jay-Z also drops some bars on the reimagined beat along with Nas, James Fauntleroy, and Harmonies by the Hive. Have you heard “Sorry Not Sorry” yet? Jay Z’s Tripple B bar on Sorry Not Sorry w/ Nas touched Lil Baby’s soul
— 2Cool2Blog (@2Cool2BIog) April 30, 2021

Lil Baby was also understandably blown away by the performance. In a viral video circulating on social media, the Atlanta rapper can be seen losing his mind over Jay-Z’s wordplay. Fans were particularly impressed by Jay-Z’s remarkable flow on the “triple B” bar at the start of his first verse. When the song first began gaining attention, it was for a different reason. As he stands by Lil Durk, he reacts in the most excited manner as he takes in the verse and Beyonce’s short cameo. Many fans believed that Harmonies by the Hive was actually Beyoncé, but soon the focus turned to the flawless bars that the two veterans Nas and Jay-Z dropped. This is DJ Khaled’s 12th studio album and features 14 tracks with some of the biggest names in the game right now like Drake, Cardi B, Roddy Ricch, Rick Ross, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Justin Timberlake, and Queen Bey, Beyoncé. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Lil Baby seems to have recognized the phenomenal rapper that Jay-Z is after taking in his “triple B” bar from DJ Khaled‘s new song “Sorry Not Sorry.”
The long-awaited and highly anticipated album Khaled Khaled dropped earlier this week and is already causing ripples in the industry with the offerings on it. Lil Baby is clearly impressed by Jay-Z’s wordplay on DJ Khaled’s new song “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring Nas and James Fauntleroy.