Spice Recruits Dancehall Legends Sean Paul & Shaggy For “Go Down Deh” Collab

Spice, Sean Paul, and Shaggy’s voices truly are a perfect trifecta for this collaboration. We see Shaggy and Sean Paul briefly rocking to the beat as well, both wearing shades inside, indicative of club attire. Shaggy and Sean Paul have collaborated on songs in the past, such as “Hey Sexy Lady” back in 2003 and “Rise Again” in 2010. We are not sure. Spice has been touting her new collaboration with dancehall legends Sean Paul and Shaggy for the past several months, and now it’s finally here. The lyrical cadence is reminiscent of a rhythmic chant and, with the bass sounding similar to African drums, it is the perfect combination for the song to be viewed in this way. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) From the video snippet, we can observe vibrant colors from the neon strobe lights in a dark room, likely indicating a club setting for the video shoot. View this post on Instagram

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These three are no strangers to collaborating, as they have worked on projects before. But we are sure dancehall fans all over are more than happy that it did. From the song itself, you can hear a quite monotonous tone from Shaggy at the beginning, with Spice chiming in with a rather similar flow. Sean Paul adds some amount of vibrancy with his verse and makes it a bit more upbeat, and Spice then follows suit with her second verse. The beat is infectious and really makes you want to dance along with them. Spice and Sean Paul have previously worked with Stylo G on “Dumpling Remix” in 2019. So far, the reception has been good, and the music video could look lit. The African influence on this track is undeniable. We see Spice with her background dancers whining in sync to the rhythm of the song. Spice has also worked with Shaggy on Kemar Highcon and Track Starr’s “So Saucy Remix” in 2020. Spice recruits two of the biggest names in dancehall, Sean Paul and Shaggy, for her historic collaboration, “Go Down Deh.”
The dancehall diva shared a snippet of the upcoming music video on her IG. Was this collaboration with Spice destined to happen?