A Trust Unclean – To Encompass And Eclipse Lyrics

Forlorn and consumed I leave you
A mere husk, a mere thrall remains
Drained of all but the lies you choke down
They turn you black on the inside
Impulses rule as Apex mind sets reign
Prey I see before me
There's nothing you can do or say to me that's going to change the way that my reaction cuts deep
I'm here to pull the wool from your eyes because callous hearts and Apex mind sets reign
They have a hold on you and their claws are getting deeper
Can't you see these actions I take will set you free
Entangled to your mortal coil; I exorcize thee
Offer up your soul as tribute to the demon lord Baal
Overlord of all
I told you why black oceans boil and the sky burns
I bring an age devoid of life and free will, a truer consequence
Look into the eye of the deceiver
This rabbit hole goes much deeper
Exsanguinated of all prostatic fluids, the eyes removed with blunted tools and caustic fluids
Mortals live fast and die young
The brave will bear the brunt of what you've done
Now by swords in your hands we die
Our mother weeps as we like the bodies up high
Salted soil engulfed in blackest flame
Void fire claims the shattered earth again
Give me the world
It was relinquished to them voluntarily, as you propagated war and all your sex sold
In every time wrote, it foretold of decadence and greed
An empty black will purge the atmosphere
Can you breathe all your ill-gotten gains? Can you feed on deceit? No, you are all but monkeys to me
Personal freedoms to be used and abused, as the sex sells and war machines crawl
I sense the final fall
The day that creation halts
All life torn to sunders in a blinding light
I told you why black oceans boil and the sky burns
I bring an age devoid of life and free will
A truer consequence Can you subsist on a lie?