“Admiral Gorshkov” launched “Zircon” at a target in the White Sea

On November 3, Putin said that the tests of the Zircon missiles sea ​​bases are being completed, and from next year they will begin to be supplied to equip the Russian Navy. On October 4, the military department announced the successful launch of Zircon from a submarine. “ Zircon '' & raquo; mdash; Russian hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile. The Ministry of Defense announced its successful tests back in July. Subscribe to YouTube RBK Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel

Источник rbc.ru The Ministry of Defense reported that the target was hit by a direct hit. The head of the military department Sergei Shoigu reported on the successful tests to President Vladimir Putin. Surface ships and naval aviation of the Northern Fleet were involved in providing for the firing and closing the area '', & mdash; the ministry said in a message received by RBC. The President added that the ongoing tests also confirmed the “ unique characteristics '' laser installations “ Peresvet '', hypersonic complexes “ Avangard '' and “ Dagger. Sergei Shoigu reported the test results to Vladimir Putin

Frigate Admiral Gorshkov fired a Zircon hypersonic missile on a target in the White Sea, the Ministry of Defense reported. They said that released from the “ Admiral Gorshkov '' the missile successfully hit the target at a distance of over 350 km. “ The target was hit by a direct hit. 'New Russian hypersonic systems' potentially destabilizing and pose a noticeable threat, because these systems are compatible with nuclear '', & mdash; stated in the US military. ''
The Pentagon saw a potential threat in missile tests.