Counting of votes in parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan turns into a scandal

People do not want to vote and even run for parliamentary elections, although a year ago they had to pay 300-500 thousand dollars for a place in the top five of the list '', & ndash; said the expert. There were no stuffing as such, & nbsp; people were caught on carts, but we do not know who they voted for. At the same time, the parties represent both the north and the south of Kyrgyzstan '', & ndash; Berdakov noted. “ There were observers at all polling stations who did not record any serious violations that could call into question the voting results. True, if the recount of votes does not lead to fundamental changes in the list of winners and losers, hardly anyone will listen to them. According to Denis Berdakov, those responsible for the failure in the counting of votes should be punished, but a technical flaw should not affect the final results of the elections. These will be respected people who will establish relations with the deputies of neighboring countries and so on. Then the vice-premier of the republic Edil Baisalov attributed the incident to a technical error: someone hammered the wrong formula into the system. For comparison, from 2017 to 2021, this indicator never exceeded 2% in the republican elections. Photo: AP
Kyrgyz voters demonstrated not only low activity, but also a fundamental unwillingness to vote for the proposed candidates. The turnout is very weak. In addition, across the country, 9.62% of ballots were invalidated. We must wait for the official election results. In turn, the editor of MK-Kyrgyzstan; Alexander Bannikov believes that a critical mass of dissatisfied people may still accumulate in the country, which will lead to new shocks. As a result, the votes had to be counted manually, and 5 opposition parties that could not get into parliament called for new elections in two days. The situation is similar in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. They had a reason, because the voting results changed several times. For the first time in many years, the administrative resource was not used and strongly fought against vote bribery. If 6 parties, which were discussed the next morning after the vote, pass, then everything will be all right. However, this is only according to the lists, and in the majority constituencies, the authorities are expected to have & nbsp; stronger positions. Most likely, people simply do not have confidence in the electoral system and candidates for deputies. & nbsp; & ndash; In general, the elections were very sluggish. In particular, they first went to parliament, and then it turned out that they did not. There was almost no advertising, parties accused each other of bribery and so on. The update ended in a scandal: at first, the total of votes collected by all parties on the CEC portal amounted to 140% of the votes. Moreover, according to new data, none of the opposition parties may get into parliament '', & ndash; Bannikov noted. This is largely due to the fact that Kyrgyzstan has reduced the number of seats in parliament from 120 to 90. Gone are regional leaders who are not the smartest and most intelligent, but they have political will and authority. And after eliminating the crash that happened & ndash; only 86%, the remaining 14% lost and were looking for the whole next day after the elections. “ Serious protests will begin if the voting results differ greatly from what was originally stated. The question is whether the number of dissatisfied people will exceed the critical mass. And all this with the lowest possible turnout of 34%. Three of them are loyal to Sadyr Japarov and gain a total of over 40.29%. In the Central Committee, by the evening of November 29, 15% of the votes were manually recounted, and it became known that one of the leading opposition forces in the country & ndash; Butun Kyrgyzstan & ndash; does not go to parliament. First of all, they will attract money to their regions. Within Kyrgyzstan, it barely exceeded 30%, and abroad it was about 10%. The CEC almost did not react to this. Votes will be counted twice to reduce the tension in society '', & ndash; concluded Berdakov. In particular, 4 single-mandate constituencies were organized in Bishkek, and the candidate “ against all '' won in two of them. “ Most likely, all previous elections were the result of media pumping and bribery. & Nbsp;
“ In fact, the protests have already begun, there was a rally in front of the CEC building, which was attended by parties that did not overcome the 5% barrier. As a result, we got a European picture. If only the pro-government parties pass, the society will decide that it is overboard, & ndash; considers Bannikov. In principle, this should not affect the legitimacy of the parliament, but so far there are no voting results, the situation is ambiguous. Experts threaten the country with a coup d'etat again
In Kyrgyzstan, on November 28, the fifth elections in 2021 were held, which, according to the president of the republic, Sadyr Japarov, were intended to complete the process of state renewal after last year's October coup. ''
Источник Director of the Center for Social and Political Research 'Elchi'; Denis Berdakov MK said that the turnout in the parliamentary elections was the result of the fact that the authorities initially abandoned the idea of ​​cheating it. Considering that after the reform of the Constitution, Kyrgyzstan actually turned & nbsp; into the super-presidential republic, many formerly active politicians became uninterested in participating in the race for the mandate. In the rest of the constituencies, the same candidate took second and third places with results of 28% and 15%, respectively. “ Many of the MPs have some difficulties with higher education, but this time the oligarchs did not go there, with a few exceptions. At the same time, only 54 deputies are elected according to the lists, and the rest must win in the majority constituencies. They demand new elections, the resignation of the government, and so on. The opposition collected about 20.6%. The collapse of the electronic vote counting system added to the scandalousness of the elections. According to preliminary data, 6 parties are being held in the Jogorku Kenesh. What will happen after 100% of the ballots have been counted will become known at best only on November 30, that is, two days after the elections. First, the Secretary of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan Marat Imankulov said that hackers attacked the resources of the Central Election Commission from 20 countries of the world. So far, all 5 parties have managed to gather a maximum of 100 people near the entrance to the CEC.