Deko – ​these things matter! lyrics

​these things matter! lyrics
Hey again, [?] here
Winding down the evening with a late night mix
Remember to double tap on your neurosphere to save a song into your iSpot music library
Woke up this morning and I had a lot to do
But I’d rather spent my time with you
Skipped down to the evening, thought that I could do what I had to
But I spent my time with you
Was it worth it? lyrics

Deko – ​these things matter! I think so
I’ll be back soon, I think so
I’ll be wearin’ all pink so you can spot me easily
I’ll meet you at the beltline
Ride my bike, get there on time
That’s what you mean to me
Always, always, yeah
Will you come with me? We will make it back
Always darling, yeah
So check the map and do your quests, we’ll get a bag, aw yeah
I’ma go play [?] because there was an update
I’ma go click my life away, the fu*k
I don’t know what I could do or say, but I’m having fun, ayy
Let me change my envy
Deko – ​these things matter! lyrics