NATO has started to create a new military grouping in the Baltics

Such weapons can, of course, be used for defensive purposes. The West is driving heavy artillery to our borders. The desire to send troops to support Kiev has already been announced by the United States, Great Britain and Canada. Artillery, directed from satellites and drones, covers the positions of the DPR and LPR forces. At the very least, NATO's statements and actions now look extremely aggressive. Like, you do not interfere, because all your borders are at gunpoint. This is not just the usual saber rattling. Artillery, accompanied by supply vehicles and army trucks, was later seen in the area of ​​the border between Latvia and Belarus. For example, this is how Turkey acted in Syria: they guided self-propelled guns from drones, which, due to the advantage in firing range, destroyed several Syrian batteries. But the ultimate goal is our country. According to the official statement of the NATO command, the military equipment of the Slovak army is sent to the Baltic States to “ensure a flexible and effective ability to respond to Russian aggression in this region.” Earlier, large units of the armed forces of the United States and Germany arrived at the western borders of Russia and Belarus. The strengthening of the NATO contingent is taking place against the background of statements by a number of officials about the impending “Russian invasion” of Ukrainian territory. Earlier, units of the armed forces of Germany and the United States were deployed to the eastern borders of the European Union. Experts identified Zuzana-2 large-caliber self-propelled artillery pieces in the column. According to military expert Alexei Valyuzhenich, the publicly available information on the transfer of NATO forces indicates the desire of the Alliance to increase the firepower of its group in Europe. Residents of Poland filmed several army columns moving north and east. – Demonstration of force. Kiev claims that Russian aggression may begin in January 2022. Now the Slovaks are being sent with their self-propelled gun mounts Zuzana-2 152-mm caliber. – If you look at the photos and videos taken in recent weeks, the trend is obvious. Experts link the actions of Western countries with possible plans to invade the territory of Belarus. The Alliance claims that the increase in the contingent is caused by “growing aggression” by Russia. Therefore, I see such a scenario for the development of events. The US military is deploying large-caliber artillery in the border zone, while the Bundeswehr is deploying tanks and light armored vehicles. During the years of trench warfare, the forces of the LPR-DPR created a deeply echeloned defense there with many secrets. Washington states that armored groups are concentrated near the Russian-Ukrainian border. I think that the part of the troops that arrives at the border with Ukraine (these are primarily US Army units) can be used to provide fire support to the Ukrainian army in Donbas. Such preparations may indicate the preparation of a large-scale military operation. So far, it has been mediated through Ukraine and Belarus. The Americans are carrying 155-mm Palladin self-propelled artillery mounts, the Germans are carrying PzH 2000 self-propelled guns, also 155-mm. This is actual pressure on our western borders, an attempt to intimidate. At some “X hour” NATO declares that Ukraine is under the threat of invasion, and is sending its troops to Donetsk and Lugansk. That is, everyone is pulling large-caliber artillery to the east. After creating such an advantage, the Ukrainian army enters the breaches: tanks, infantry, reinforced by all sorts of Nazis and mercenaries. “I can't say for sure. Photo: Still from the video
A column of heavy military equipment proceeded from Slovakia through the territory of Poland and Lithuania to Latvia. In short, this is a very serious weapon. But in general, these are offensive weapons. In a word, pressure on our country. Источник Why the Alliance is transferring forces to Eastern Europe
Foreign media and eyewitnesses in social networks report about the transfer of additional NATO troops to Latvia. They were created in order to hack into the enemy's defenses, suppress his artillery batteries, and cover the concentration of troops.