Photo of the wife of the President of Turkmenistan Berdymukhamedov published for the first time

Journalists sometimes report on the authoritarian regimes established in the country. Источник For example, the authorities have long banned the use of the word “ coronavirus '', and human rights activists call the country an anti-leader in terms of the number of political prisoners among the countries of the former USSR. The farewell photo was taken during Erdogan's visit with his wife Emine to Ashgabat on November 27. View this post on Instagram
Publication from Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow (@gmberdimuhamedow)

Recall that Berdymkhamedov has been the head of Turkmenistan since 2007. Photo: Still from video
Turkish edition Son Dakika published a joint photo of the presidents of Turkey and Turkmenistan Recep Erdogan and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with their wives … Thus, the photo of the first lady of Turkmenistan first appeared in the media. Moreover, when the Turkmen media report on the national leader, only his sons and grandchildren are present with the president. After the meeting and lunch, Berdymukhamedov took his wife Ogulgerek out.