Political scientist Pogrebinsky spoke about the true attitude of Ukrainians to Russia

In his opinion, this is due to the fact that the Ukrainian army is not capable of giving a serious rebuff to Russia, but Russian troops cannot simply occupy the whole of Ukraine. The maximum you can count on is & ndash; to provide Moscow support to Donbass if the Ukrainian Armed Forces launch an offensive. You don't have to be Archimedes to understand that this is impossible '', & ndash; noted the political scientist. And some people, recognizing him on the street, even come up to him and express their support. It is worth noting that earlier Pogrebinsky, who lives in Ukraine, said that he was not threatened in connection with his position. At the same time, the expert does not believe that war is a solution to the problem. However, he understands some representatives of the Russian leadership and Russian patriots who are calling for a radical solution to the problem. Pogrebinsky added that Ukraine is currently the most hostile towards Russia and the Russian state. Photo: Still from video
” There are millions of people who hate Russia. And he advised to abandon the idea of ​​”occupation” of Nezalezhnaya
The well-known Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky said in an interview with BUSINESS Online that a full-fledged armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia is useless will lead. Источник www.mk.ru