The investigation became interested in the swearing head of the Ministry of Culture of Crimea

Novoselskaya joined the Crimean government in February 2014, before the referendum on the entry of the peninsula into Russia. Radio station Kerch FM, citing a source, also reported that Novoselskaya was taken to the building of the Investigative Committee. Local publications report that Arina Novoselskaya, who was swearing at the official meeting, was taken to the UK in handcuffs. Later Aksenov said that Novoselskaya would not be punished. '' “ I am sure that the law enforcement agencies will figure it out, find out all the facts and circumstances and draw conclusions in accordance with the law, '' & mdash; he added. ''
Until 2014, Novoselskaya was a director for a year and artistic director of the puppet theater, av2004 & ndash; 2006 & mdash; director of the school of aesthetic education. She made excuses that she had come to a meeting with a rock star, and not with Aksenov, but even so she admitted that she “ probably went overboard with the outfit. In 2015, Novoselskaya, in her own words, for a long time recalled appearing in a leopard suit at a press conference with ex-Deep Purple and Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. RBC sent a request to the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, and also asked for a comment to Novoselskaya. Novoselskaya then apologized, and the head of Crimea ordered an official investigation. It is indicated that two lawyers came with her. But what exactly the investigative actions are connected with is not known

Arina Novoselskaya
Investigative measures are being taken against the Minister of Culture of Crimea Arina Novoselskaya. According to her interlocutor, the version of the bribe is being checked. The head of the republic called what was happening “ part of the systematic work to control the activities of officials at all levels. Kryminform Agency, in turn, reported that “ a woman who looks like Novoselskaya '' was taken in handcuffs to the building of the regional office of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Simferopol. But for random things, when the technique switches, I do not consider it necessary to punish '', & mdash; he said. “ It's bad that the Minister of Culture knows such words, at least publicly & mdash; 100% unacceptable. Subscribe to VK RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Источник Over the years, she has repeatedly found herself in scandalous situations, for example, in March of this year, she accidentally swore during an online meeting with Aksenov. About this on your page in the social network “ VKontakte '' written by the head of the region Sergey Aksenov.