They did not believe President Zelensky in Ukraine: the announced “coup” is expected with laughter

It quickly became clear where the “Lubyanka version” of the coup d'etat promised on December 1 had come from. The promised “Vovina thousand”, as “MK” previously wrote, can, by the decision of its recipient, go either to the cashier of a museum and a cinema, or “materialize” in a fitness center. The well-known Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Lytvyn, who twice headed the Verkhovna Rada, instead of a devastating analysis of Volodymyr Zelensky’s press conference, spoke about the everyday life of the inhabitants of his native village Sloboda Romanovskaya. He is only a captain. Household gas is also turned on only if absolutely necessary. The “conspirators” were also strongly opposed to the sale of land that had begun in Ukraine. The activists were going to “return everything that has been stolen by the state authorities, from 1991 to the present day.” Simply put, to transfer to the state all utilities that, after the collapse of the Ukrainian SSR, “were liquidated, privatized and illegally sold” to private individuals. Photo: Where more people are concerned about the lack of electricity and heat
The press marathon launched by the team of Volodymyr Zelenskyy last Friday is still under discussion in Ukraine. The villagers in their huts tried to unscrew as many light bulbs as possible from the sockets, because they do not “pull” the current tariffs. People did not manage to bring firewood on time either, because this type of fuel became fabulously expensive for them. The “conspirators who received funding from the aggressor country” (that is, from Russia) set out to create “parallel authorities” in the regional center of Kropyvnytskyi: the Serf and Podolsk district councils. Debating with investigative journalist Mikhail Tkach about his scandalous flight by helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Zelensky has repeatedly demonstrated his unwillingness to constantly lie. There has never been anything of the kind in the villages. That is, it has neither the proper powers from Vladimir Putin, nor extensive connections in the Kiev “top” …
However, an attempt on the foundations of the constitutional system of Ukraine still took place the other day. An attempt to restore social justice in one particular region, of course, looks cartoonish. The people are not up to revolutions, fellow citizens are racking their brains, first of all, over how to survive the coming winter in warmth and comfort. Vladimir Alexandrovich is clearly not ready for this. Christopher Miller, an American journalist with many connections at all levels of the Ukrainian government, named the names of three interlocutors of the “FSB emissary of the Russian Federation” mentioned by Zelensky. He begins to lose his mind, get nervous, and in the end he loses with a crushing score. Two of them are definitely not “defectors to the Russian Crimea” (as Vladimir Zelensky assured). Most likely, at subsequent meetings with representatives of the media, Zelensky will break with even more ferocity than his predecessors. Источник Operatives of the SBU Directorate for the Kirovograd region opened criminal proceedings “for actions aimed at violently changing the constitutional order or seizing state power.” The defendants in the case named either 15 or 20 local activists, headed by a certain Tatiana Andreichenko. According to the former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the republic, Lieutenant General Gennady Moskal, Gritsak never got into politics during his service in the authorities and never entered into unauthorized contacts with the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. But with the current unenviable position of most people, something still needs to be done. Well, the military rank of the allegedly Russian curator of the “December 1 coup” Gennady Gennadyevich, by definition, could not but amuse. Judging by a number of indirect signs, there will be no violent change of power. You won't spend a thousand hryvnia for a full cycle of vaccination against coronavirus in this and other Ukrainian villages. The recent flights of the Zelensky family to the winter Carpathian residence cost the state a much larger amount. Even if not in Kiev. So far, only “to the sharks of the pen and microphone”. We are talking about the former head of the Poltava regional police department Eduard Fedosov and the retired general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak, namesake and namesake of the previous SBU chairman, who faithfully served Petro Poroshenko.