VTsIOM: Russians’ happiness index has grown significantly over the past six months

Источник aif.ru Pet owners are willing to pay more for guaranteed healthy food for their pets. Thus, the happiness index was 71 points, which is 17 points higher than the March indicator (54 points) and 5 points higher than the previous year's indicator (66 points in November 2020). In addition, sociologists found out how much Russians spend a month on pet food. According to the center, over the past six months, despite the coronavirus pandemic, the happiness index in the Russian Federation has grown significantly. Most of the survey participants consider themselves happy thanks to the health and life of their own and their loved ones (29%), having a family (27%), children (22%), general satisfaction with life (21%) or good work (20%). Russians can not feel happy because of the state of affairs in the country (8%), general lack of money (7%), lack of stability (6%) and because of family problems (5%). The respondents also believe that politicians, civil servants and top managers receive unjustifiably high salaries. Previously it was reported that more than 20% of Russians called the profession of a deputy the most overrated. VTsIOM has published data from a survey of Russians dedicated to happiness. Thus, 84% of respondents said they consider themselves happy, while 14% do not consider themselves to be happy.