A participant in an experiment to simulate a flight to the moon received a hand injury

On November 4, an international isolation experiment to simulate a flight was launched in Moscow and landing on the moon SIRIUS-21. Six people went on a conditional trip to the moon, including Oleg Blinov, an instructor of the Cosmonaut Training Center, William Brown, a bachelor of Russian language and literature from the United States, and other participants in the experiment. According to the source, during training on the model of a multifunctional strength trainer, she received a slight injury. Источник aif.ru They have to spend 240 days in a spaceship simulator, during which the crew will simulate & nbsp; flight, landing on the moon and work on its surface. The press service added that the implementation of the scientific program of the SIRIUS-21 isolation experiment continues as planned. On the recommendation of doctors, Karjakin was taken out of the experimental complex, after which medical assistance was provided. She is now undergoing treatment.