Biden at the talks did not name specific reasons for “large-scale sanctions” for Russia

Biden mentioned only the so-called “large-scale sanctions, which many are already talking about in the West.” Then Putin noted that it would be a major mistake, which could lead to a complete rupture of relations. ” Ushakov replied that so far this does not imply anything, so it is not known what “large-scale sanctions” are. A high-ranking representative of the Washington administration told reporters about this. US President Joe Biden held a 50-minute telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Ushakova stressed that the essence of the last conversation was different, in order to continue the exchange of views on those issues that Russia “seriously worries “. The first approach, according to Biden, is the path of diplomacy leading to de-escalation of the situation. The second path is more focused on deterrence and economic measures, especially if Russia will send troops to Ukraine. Biden voiced the version of both a possible de-escalation of tension through diplomacy and sanctions against the Russian Federation. Источник Russian diplomat, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov clarified that the American leader did not say which actions of the Russian Federation could lead to sanctions. The American leader pointed to the dichotomy of further relations between the countries. The journalists clarified what they mean when they talk about the possible” severing of ties with the West.