Biden firmly outlined the position on the “red lines” of Russia

Источник It is reported that the Western allies considered such a step in 2014-2015, during the escalation of tensions around Ukraine. But Western officials are reluctant to get involved in a direct military conflict with Russia, which Moscow understands, a senior Western intelligence official told CNN. At a meeting of OSCE foreign ministers in Stockholm, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that Russia would face “serious consequences” if the conflict with Ukraine escalated. As noted by CNN, Russia denies that it has any plans to attack Ukraine, but has also demanded security guarantees from the West, such as a promise that it will not allow Ukraine to join NATO. According to the head of the White House, he is preparing comprehensive initiatives that will make it difficult for Russia to “invade” Ukraine, according to the BBC. Commenting on the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Joe Biden also added that he hopes for a “long conversation” with his Russian counterpart: “We have known about Russia's actions for a long time. According to the media, Joe Biden commented on the statements made at the Russia Calling forum by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who considers the “red lines” for Moscow not only to bring NATO infrastructure closer to Russia's borders, but also to deploy strike complexes on Ukrainian territory. Earlier, the US president said he was preparing “the largest and most significant set of initiatives that will make it very difficult for Putin to do what people fear he is going to do.” Biden did not elaborate on what specific measures were in question, saying only that his administration is in constant contact with the Ukrainian leadership and European allies. US President: “I expect we have a long conversation”

photo: whitehouse .gov
“I will not accept anyone's red lines,” US President Biden told reporters in Washington before leaving for the Camp David country residence. According to the Associated Press, US intelligence officials have determined that Russia is allegedly planning a possible military offensive, which could begin as early as 2022. I expect we will have a long conversation with Putin. In turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the North Atlantic Alliance of ignoring Russian interests, as well as “ military pumping “Kiev. The United States and its allies in Europe and NATO has warned Russia of serious economic sanctions if it invades Ukraine. According to the Foreign Minister, “a nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning,” NATO's military infrastructure is approaching Russian borders, and anti-missile defense systems have been deployed in Romania and Poland, which can be used as strike systems. As noted by AP, although the head of the State Department did not specify what sanctions could be applied, potentially one of them could be disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system, which, in turn, threatens to “disconnect” Russian business from the global financial system. Recently, the heads of the diplomatic departments of the United States and Russia exchanged harsh statements regarding the situation around Ukraine. ”
As you know, a virtual Russian-American summit should soon take place, at which, among other things, it is planned to discuss the situation around Ukraine, events in Afghanistan, negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program and bilateral relations.