Biden promised Putin the main thing

The main idea that the Russian president tried to explain to Biden during the telephone conversation: “Russia intends to behave the way the United States would behave if offensive weapons were deployed on American borders.” According to Ushakov, in order to convey it to the owner of the White House, Putin made several visits. Putin replied that such a step could lead to a complete rupture of relations between the Russian Federation and the United States and cause serious damage to our relations with the West in general. The American president, as Ushakov stressed, has clearly stated that the United States does not intend to deploy offensive strike weapons there. photo
“During this time, the presidents talked very substantively, all the main topics were touched upon,” he said, adding that the conversation was a logical continuation of the previous negotiations held in the VKS format on December 7. According to the American President, the United States is not going to deploy offensive strike weapons in Ukraine
Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters that the telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden lasted 50 minutes. Источник Putin and Biden intend to personally monitor the progress of the Geneva and other negotiations, as well as pass on “valuable instructions” to their negotiating teams. “This is a key point in our documents on which we are going to conduct substantive negotiations,” Putin told him in response. “It will be a huge mistake,” Ushakov told VVP. Most important: Biden's promises about Ukraine. According to Ushakov, Biden, like the Russian president, was well prepared for the conversation: despite the congratulations exchanged between the leaders, the conversation turned out to be serious. And Biden, in his opinion, took these words seriously. “It was not some kind of Christmas-time gatherings,” the Kremlin spokesman said. Biden, according to a Kremlin spokesman, understands that a nuclear war cannot be started and cannot be won – he stressed this several times in a conversation with Putin. Yuri Ushakov highlighted several agreements reached at the highest level: the presidents agreed that negotiations on security guarantees will take place along three tracks – on January 10 in Geneva (on the Russia-US line), on January 12 in Brussels (on the Russia-NATO line) and at 13 January Vienna (through the OSCE). According to Ushakov, the Russian president detailed to his American counterpart the basic principles of the documents handed over by the Russian side and stressed that “the main result for us is the guaranteed security of Russia.” The talks, according to the Kremlin, “should not degenerate into idle talk.” “We’ll see two or three rounds, and then we’ll draw conclusions,” he said. He noted that in Moscow “in principle, they are satisfied with the contact: in general, the direction of the negotiations was quite constructive. For his part, the American president has threatened that if the escalation continues along the Ukrainian border, Western countries will take large-scale sanctions against Russia in the economic and other spheres. Biden, according to Ushakov, showed a desire to understand the logic and essence of Russian concerns, which were transmitted to Washington and NATO headquarters. In addition, the American president said that the United States intends to consult with its allies on all tracks.