Biden refused to recognize Russian “red lines” across Ukraine

He added that he had prepared certain proposals for the Russian president, but did not go into details. Thus, he reacted to the latest statement from Moscow. Vladimir Putin speaking at the Russia Calling! Forum stated that the “ red lines '' in relation to Ukraine, “ first of all, in creating threats for us that may come from this territory. The American president said that he was counting on a long conversation with Vladimir Putin

US President Joe Biden shared his expectations from the upcoming conversation with Vladimir Putin. “ We are afraid of Russia's actions, and I would like to discuss this issue, '' & mdash; said the American president. On December 1, during his speech at the presentation of his credentials in the Kremlin, Putin announced that he was proposing to begin substantive negotiations on the achievement of legal guarantees that would exclude any NATO advance to the east … The White House said to this that only the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance can decide who is a NATO member and who is not. Biden also said that he did not recognize anyone's “ red lines ''. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov advised to wait for the meeting “ at any time. “ It is important to remember who is the provocateur in this situation, and it is not the United States or Ukraine, '' & mdash; White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Friday. On Friday, December 3, the Russian presidential aide for foreign policy, Yuri Ushakov, said that the date of the meeting had already been agreed, but it was necessary to wait for clarification of all the parameters of negotiations with Washington. ''

On the eve of the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that for Moscow the “ red line '' is Ukraine's accession to NATO. In particular, he reacted to the statements about the “ red lines '' mentioned by the President of Russia. During his conversation with reporters before leaving for the weekend at the Camp David residence, Biden said that he was counting on a long conversation with Putin. ''

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