Biden warned Putin about decisive response to aggression against Ukraine

Aide to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov said that Putin told his American colleague that the “ unprecedented sanctions '' that the West threatens to impose in the event of an attack on Ukraine could lead to a complete rupture of relations between the United States and Russia. ''
On December 15, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a draft agreement on security guarantees. The official said that the presidents saw an opportunity for progress in the upcoming talks, but also found aspects on which an agreement might not be reached. Reuters, citing a US administration official, said the main task of the two leaders' telephone conversation was to set the 'tone and direction'; the upcoming security talks in January. Talks between Russia and the United States on security guarantees will be held on January 10 in Geneva, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed. In particular, Moscow proposed not to admit the countries of the former USSR, including Ukraine, to NATO, and to abandon military activities on the territory of these states. Washington promised to prepare a reciprocal list of proposals. Biden stressed that “significant progress in the [security] negotiations can only be achieved by de-escalating the situation.” The American leader supported the holding of bilateral consultations on strategic stability. This is stated in a statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. '' Biden, according to Ushakov, “ in principle agreed with this point of view and reacted quite logically and quite seriously. 23 Psaki said in December that the United States is not ready to agree with Russia's proposals for security guarantees related to NATO. Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian side will “ achieve results in the form of ensuring guaranteed security for Russia. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance will not compromise on Ukraine's entry into it. They will be held on January 10 in Geneva

US President Joe Biden, in a conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, made it clear that Washington would take decisive measures in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Stoltenberg also proposed to hold a meeting of the Russia & mdash; NATO on January 12. Ushakov described the telephone conversation between Putin and Biden as serious, business-like and meaningful. Joe Biden told Vladimir Putin that the US would decisively respond to the invasion of Ukraine The US President stressed the need to de-escalate the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border for the success of Washington-Moscow negotiations on security guarantees. Subscribe to Instagram RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Источник As noted. The talks were entirely devoted to security guarantees, the issue of bilateral relations was not touched upon.